DesignerUp Course Information for Employers

Who is instructing this course?

Elizabeth Alli is the co-founder of DesignerUp School and instructor of the UI/UX Product Design Master Course. She is an independent UI/UX designer that has been working in the design industry for over 11 years and is a highly skilled pedagog, teacher and mentor. She is the founder of the popular WordPress themeshop T2Themes, has worked as a product designer at dozens of prominent Silicon Valley startups and has been a mentor at online bootcamps and authoring educational design material since 2012.

Questions for students

Your employer may choose to pay the tuition directly to us or may reimburse you once you've paid.

Your employer may expect that you make a commitment to stay on as their employee for a certain length of time once they have paid for your education, make sure you clarify and are comfortable with these terms.

Questions for employers

The design industry is a rapidly evolving beast. Employees often times do not have the luxury of time to upgrade and update their skills. With the ever-changing nature of design trends, processes and tools, those that are able to continue their education have a sever advantage in the field.

This course, unlike many other design courses, is not only focused on visual design principles, it is a design thinking, user-centered design and business course that teaches students how to create products (through research and metrics) that customers will adopt, engage with and truly embrace. The course focuses on business and project management goals that will help give your employees perspective on how companies are organized, monetized and invested in.

The course has been designed by a pedagog and tested by cognitive behavioral psychologists to be easy to absorb, retrain and retrieve information. The course does not waste any time and can be applied to numbers organizational roles immediately.

The roles this course prepares you for and enhances are, but not limited to:

  • Developers - Enhances developers' ability to communicate with designers thus reducing communication time and lowering their design related bug queue.
  • UX designers - Enhances UX designers' ability to conduct accurate and natural research and apply it to creating deliverables and user narratives (templates provided) that are understandable and digestible by the entire project team.
  • Project Managers - Will get familiar with the entire cycle or product design and development and be able to lead and speak to their team member more efficiently and effectively, reducing friction and maximizing time and results.
  • UI designers - Will understand how their visual decisions are shaped by and informed by user behavior, psychology and business decisions. ESPN's latest redesign reported seeing site revenue increase by 35%. Good design has been proven to increase ROI.
  • Marketers - Get familiar with the difference between user needs and solutions so they can have a positive impact on customers and push forward the right company values, mission and brand.
  • Design Teams - Will understand design sprints, lean UX and be able to brainstorm effective solutions in collaboration that has everyone on the same page. We also offer team discounts of 10% when you enroll 5 or more students from the same organization.

In short, the information in this course can be leveraged to help your design focused business run smoother and more efficiently. Saving you time and money, increasing revenue and resulting in happier more loyal customers.

Can I get an invoice?

Yes. A receipt is sent by email upon enrollment. If you need a separate invoice, please email us after enrolling, and we will generate one.

How long is enrollment open?

Enrollment is open for 14 days. If your expense approval process takes longer than that, please email us so that we can accommodate.